Webshop and auction system which is easy to use

Administrating your webshop should be as simple as shopping in it

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    Customers do not have to read a large manual to shop in the shop.
    Administrating the shop does not require that either.
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    Simple operation

    With OneShop it is possible for you to operate your online store without having to know anything about system development.
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    One click away

    We admit that OneShop does contain some advanced features which might need to be read about in the manual to be enjoyed – by the way the manual is never more than a click away.

Fixed price or auction ensures you the right price

  • Fixed price

    Conventional shop with a fixed price. You set the price of the item. Subsequently, the customer buys the item by adding it to the shopping cart and proceeds to the checkout. Easy, well-known and straightforward.
  • Auction

    Is it difficult to set the price on your items?
    Set a starting price and let your customers bid for the item within a limited time period. The customer with the highest bid buys the items and will have an order confirmation sent when the auction ends.
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    Start as an auction and if the item is not sold, it will carry on as an item with a fixed price. This method gives you the best of both worlds – if the item is in high demand, the auction will ensure you the right price. Otherwise the item will be put up for sale at the price you have set without you having to do anything further.
  • Linked

    Do you have several identical copies of the same item? Create a linked start where the duplicate are automatically put up for sale when the previous copy has been sold.

A good experience for your customers

Collectors buy with their hearts and therefore, OneShop has been developed to give collectors a good experience when new items are bought for their collection.

  • The shopping cart reserves the item

    Indkøbskurven reserverer varen når den lægges i kurven

    OneShop’s unique shopping cart makes sure that the item is reserved when the customer adds it to the cart. It also makes sure that the item is back up for sale if the customer chooses to exit the cart without effecting the purchase.

  • Mobile-friendly layout


    More and more web traffic originates from smartphones and tablets. OneShop’s design has been optimised to the different screen sizes so the customer always gets a good experience.

  • Notification mails


    The customer can easily save searches and receive a notification mail when there are new items within the same area. This way it is easier for the customer not to miss out on the good items.