Easy product creation

OneShop is here to make your life easier.

Single form product creation

The way you create products on our platform is different from anything else out there. The traditional model, where you have to go page by page, adding product details one after another on multiple pages, is long gone. You can now create products in a fraction of the time—all in one place.


SmartrSuggest: your new best friend!

New products in seconds

SmartrSuggest is a self-learning assistant that will help you save time when creating new products. It will help you create new products based on your current catalogue. It analyzes your existing products to recommend the categories, year, type and description for your new product. The results are instant, accurate and faster than doing this manually!


Automatically fill in values

set default values for your products

Creating multiple similar products can take a lot of time as you need to fill in all the same details for each product.

To save time, you can set a default value for a property. This means that when you're creating a new product, OneShop will automatically fill in the values for each product with whatever you've set as their default value..


Product images made easy

Adding product images to your website has never been easier.

Adding images to products in Oneshop is a cinch! When you're describing your product, just drag and drop the images onto the form.

OneShop takes care of resizing and optimizing each image so they show up perfectly in your web shop.

It's also possible to batch upload images by simply naming them with the SKU of the product they should be attached to. OneShop will automatically attach the right images to each product.

Got a lot of images? No problem! Oneshop is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of images without slowing down.