Looking for software to host your auctions? 

Look no more: OneShop is everything you need to put your auction house online.

OneShop is the modern auction software you've been waiting for

Our software was built specifically for the needs of auction houses like yours, so you can rest assured that it's equipped with the tools you need to optimize your sales and maximize your profits.

online Bidding

OneShop offers bidding in real time, with our super fast servers to handle all the traffic from your auctions.
OneShop  also support typing bids from customers that aren't using internet.


outbid emails

Your outbid customers will receive an email alerting them of their outbidding status, allowing them to make another bid if they wish—and giving them a heads up as soon as possible!


Intuitive invoicing process

Our online invoices will help you keep track of all your sales, and our payment processing system makes it easy for customers to pay for the items they want.


Consignment Sales

OneShop makes it easy to track consignments and automatically create settlements for consigners when the sale is closed down. 


Build for auctioneers

OneShop focus on the needs of auction house owners and their clients. OneShop isn't just yet another eBay clone.


Fast & Reliable

Our software is designed with speed in mind and can handle any size of an auction house with ease. We've been hosting online auctions since 2003.